There are two agricultural burning seasons in the City of Pitt Meadows:

Spring – March 1 – May 31st

Fall – September 1 – November 30th

Burning is allowed in the City of Pitt Meadows from September 1 to November 30 inclusive and March 1 to May 31 inclusive, yearly, with a permit.

Click here for a printable information sheet about agricultural burning. This sheet includes specific information about the acceptable dimensional limits of a burning pile.

Who Can Burn

Burning is permitted on parcels zoned Agricultural on dates noted above.  City hall staff can assist you in determining the zoning of your property.

Burn Permit Information

No person shall burn within fifteen (15) meters of any building structure, fence, hedge or overhead wire or cable.

Please visit Pitt Meadows City Hall reception to purchase a burn permit. City Hall hours are 8:30 —4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Please note that if you are not the property owner, and you are coming to purchase a permit on behalf of the owner, you must bring with you a signed letter authorizing you to purchase the burning permit.

How much is a permit?

Each permit costs $50.00.

How long is the permit valid?

Each permit is valid for 5 consecutive days however there is no guarantee that you will be able to burn for all five days. If you burn when not permitted by the Metro Vancouver Ventilation Index you will be fined.

You are 100% responsible for phoning the Metro Vancouver Ventilation Index to confirm if burning is allowed for the day.
Please call 604.436.6777 each morning prior to commencing burning.

If during any time of the 5 day permit you are able to burn then this permit will be deemed used and will not be eligible to be re-issued at a later date. Re-issues are only given when there has been no burning at all during a five day permit and only during the burn season in which they were taken out.

What can I burn?

The only items that are permissible to burn are tree wood, dead bushes and crop clippings. No person shall burn material other than waste as detailed above and all materials burned must come from land on which the burn is taking place. The pile is not to exceed 4 cubic meters in size and there can only be one pile burning at a time.

What shouldn’t I burn?

No person shall burn any of the following materials: oil, rubber, plastics, fertilizers, tires, material containing creosote, wiring insulation, petroleum products, biomedical waste, herbicides, pesticides, drywall, asphalt, paint, railway ties, chemicals, insulation, treated lumber, fuel and lubricant containers, garbage, recyclables, demolition waste, land clearing waste, construction waste, manure, or other manufactured material.