Cigarettes: Put it out, all the way, every time!

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Did you know that the improper disposal of smoking materials is one of the LEADING causes of brush fires?  And further since cigarette butts are often littered close to buildings, a brush fire could easily spread to a nearby building, endangering life and property.  Discarded smoking materials are responsible for nearly all brush fires attended to by fire crews as well as some of the largest and most destructive forest fires.

In this video, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services demonstrates just how easily a discarded cigarette butt can catch the surrounding grass on fire.  Given the tinder-dry conditions that accompany summer weather, it is the responsibility of each smoker to ensure that his or her butt is discarded properly every time.  Do not leave your butts in bark mulch, grass, or soil and do not throw them out of your car window.  Ensure you have placed the butt in a proper receptacle provided for this purpose or ensure it has been completely doused with water before discarding it.  If you smoke in your vehicle, keep a non-combustible container inside the car for this purpose, instead of flicking them out the window.

 Be careful with smoking materials this summer!