Seniors Safety

Tips for Preventing a Fall

Falls are the leading cause of serious injuries in older adults that can lead to hospitalization, nursing home admission, and even death . Click here to learn more about this important topic including valuable tips on how to prevent a fall in your home and what to do if you do fall.  For further information visit the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit.

High Risk Smoke Alarm Campaign

The City of Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service, in cooperation with the Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC and the Province of British Columbia, is offering a program whereby seniors and people living with disabilities can request a free smoke alarm for their household and/or assistance with testing any existing smoke alarms in the home.

Research has shown that the elderly, disabled, and other at-risk populations face the highest risk of dying in a residential fire.  It is recommended that one smoke alarm be installed on every level of a home. Through this program, the intent is to allow individuals at higher risk to continue to live independently and safely in their homes.

In order to request a visit from the Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service and installation of a new smoke alarm, or testing of an existing one, please fill out the top portion of this Application Form. Once complete, you may email the form to the Fire Department or fax the form to 604-465-1195.  You may also mail it to us at 12007 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC  V3Y 2B5 or drop it off at either City Hall Reception or the Fire Hall at 19240 122A Avenue.

For additional assistance or information please contact us at 604-465-2401 or

Stop Fires Before They Start

Smoke Alarms:

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside each sleeping area. For maximum protection, install smoke alarms in every bedroom.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly and for battery operated smoke alarms change the batteries at least once a year. If you hear a “chirping noise” changes your battery right away.
  • Special smoke alarms are available for the hearing impaired.

Safety in the Kitchen:

  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Wear tight fitting or rolled up sleeves while you cook.
  • Always cook with the pot handles turned in.
  • Keep stove surface clean and clutter free.
  • If a grease fire occurs use a pot holder or oven mitts and carefully slide a lid or a cookie sheet over the pan and turn off the burner.
  • Never carry a burning pan.
  • Install and learn how to use a portable fire extinguisher.

Space Heaters need Space:

  • Keep at least one meter (three feet) between space heaters and anything else.
  • Materials like clothing can ignite by brushing against some space heaters. Remember to STOP, DROP to the ground; cover your face and ROLL.

Smoker Alert:

  • Use large deep ashtrays.
  • Thoroughly soak butts with water before discarding.
  • Never smoke in bed.

Plan Your Escape:

  • Know two ways out of every room in your home, especially the bedrooms. Smoke or flames could block one of your exits.
  • Make sure you have a meeting place outside.

Make Sure Exits are in Good Repair:

  • Make sure you can unlock and open windows and doors quickly, including those with security bars and deadbolts.
  • If you’re escaping from a second story or higher, plan a safe way to the ground.

Apartment Residents:

  • Count the number of doors between your apartment and the nearest exit. During a fire, you may be unable to see.
  • Never use the elevator – it could stop at the fire floor.
  • Use the exit stairways and close the doors behind you.

In The Event Of a Fire:

  • Check doors before opening them if they are hot keep them closed and use an alternate route.
  • Crawl low under the smoke where it is easier to breath.
  • Once outside stay out. Never go back inside for anything.
  • If escape is impossible, close doors between you and the smoke. Stuff cracks around doors and vents with towels or bedding.
  • Call 911 and give the operator your exact location in your home.
  • Stay low and signal for help with a flashlight or by waiving a bright towel, or sheet.