The Arson Prevention Program for Children (“TAPP-C”)

If you are a parent or service provider and you are concerned about possible fire-setting behavior in a child under your care please contact the Fire Department directly to access TAPP-C services.

The TAPP-C Program is a fire prevention initiative that provides strategies to reduce fire-setting behaviors amongst children. The TAPP-C Program helps determine why a child has been involved with fire and whether he/she is likely to continue to be involved with fire.

The TAPP-C Program is a joint venture of the Pitt Meadows Fire Rescue Service, the Maple Ridge Fire Dept., the RCMP, School District #42, and the Ministry for Children and Families – Youth Mental Health.

The program involves the identifying of children at risk of fire setting behavior by a parent or service provider. The Youth Mental Health professionals then perform a fire-setting risk assessment of the child. Once the child is identified and enrolled in the program, specially trained members of the fire department perform a home safety inspection. During this inspection hazardous situations are identified and corrective measures suggested. The child will then undergo fire safety training from the fire department at home and the fire hall. Upon completion of the training and assessment, a fire department representative presents the child with a TAPP-C “Graduation” certificate. Follow-up contact with the child and family usually occurs to attempt to ensure that the child does not digress back to fire-setting behaviors.

If you would like more information on the TAPP-C program, please email PMFRS Deputy Chief Brad Perrie.  To contact the TAPP-C office directly, please phone 604-465-2400.