• Why do firefighters break windows and cut holes in the roof at fires?

    As a fire burns, it moves upward then outward. Breaking the windows and/or cutting holes in the roof (called ventilation) stops that damaging outward movement and enables firefighters to fight fire more efficiently, resulting in less damage to the structure in the long run.

  • Why are holes cut in walls?

    This is done so that firefighters are absolutely sure that the fire is completely out, and that there is no fire inside the walls or other hidden places.

  • Why does the Fire & Rescue Service respond to medical emergencies when there is no fire?

    The Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service personnel are trained as First Responders (emergency medical technicians). We assist the BC Ambulance Service when called upon.

  • Is it possible to obtain a copy of a fire report?

    You can obtain a copy of a fire report by phoning our Admin Assistant at (604) 465-2415 or sending an email detailing your request to fire@pittmeadows.bc.ca.

  • How did "911" come about?

    The first year Fire Prevention Week was observed was 1911. When agents were looking for a number with significance, the first "1" was deleted - hence "911"