Residential Home Sprinklers

in Safety

Nothing else provides the level of safety that fire sprinklers do. Sprinklers automatically respond to fire while it is still small, flowing water on the flames where they started to minimize the spread of deadly heat and smoke. That fast action keeps flashover from happening and gives residents extra time to escape safely, preventing fire injuries and deaths. And because they control the fire, heat and smoke, they also reduce damage to the home and contents.

“It is clear, our national fire problem is a home problem, with 92% of all structure fire deaths occurring in one- and two-family homes (NFPA),” Carli explains. “When a house is built with sprinklers, that means that many generations of families will be protected by the ultimate fire safety technology. If we are ever going to see an appreciable decrease in home fire injuries and deaths, we must increase fire sprinkler installations in our communities.”

Visit the NFPA website and learn more about installing and living with home fire sprinklers at