Pre-Incident Safety Plans

The Fire & Rescue Service, in an attempt to ensure the safety of its members, as well as prompt, educated response to emergencies, has developed a Pre-Incident Plan Program. This program calls for the development of a comprehensive floor plan and site map with detailed information on the type of structure, its construction, presence of protection systems, locations of services, presence of hazardous materials.

The primary purpose of a well designed fire safety plan is to help both occupants and responding personnel in coping with emergency situations. The Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service Department extracts specific information from a fire safety plan to create a pre-incident plan. This information is then linked to the fire apparatus computer to assist the Incident Commander in making quick, precise decisions to aid in life safety. A pre-incident plan is one of the most valuable tools available for aiding responding personnel in effectively controlling an emergency.

Enrollment in this program is required for all commercial and public facilities, including farms as a condition of final inspection approval.  A fire safety plan is required by the British Columbia Fire Code (or “BCFC”) Section 2.8.2, based on building use or occupancy types. The owner or the owner’s authorized agent of the premises is responsible for providing a fire safety plan as per the current BCFC.

The pre-incident plans are checked for accuracy at the time of scheduled fire inspections. Please keep the department updated of any changes to your facilities that you may be aware of.

If there are any changes to your plan, please complete the Emergency Dispatch Contact Form and email the completed form to the fire department at

Alternatively, you may also print the form, complete by hand and submit it via one of the various options outlined on the first page of the form. Please ensure you have provided us with a valid email address for your business.  This is an important piece of information as it allows our Fire Inspector to transmit inspection reports to you in a timely manner.


The Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service Department Requirements

All fire safety plans shall follow the guidelines as laid out in the Fire Safety Plan Guidelines.

  1. Pre-Incident Site and Floor Plans, in addition to the Fire Safety Plan, must be submitted in PDF format to Deputy Chief Brad Perrie before final occupancy.  PMFRS requires that our Fire Safety Plan Symbols be used and placed on the site and floor plans.
  2. The owner or the owner’s agent must complete and submit a fire safety plan to the Fire Department before final occupancy.
  3. Construction Fire Safety Plans are required as per BCFC Section 2.8 and Section 5.6 and must be submitted for review prior to work.
  4. FIPI Combustible Dust Safety Plan Template –
  5. All buildings requiring a fire safety plan must install a fire safety plan box. This fire safety plan box must be a padlock type with a spare lock inside and must be labelled “Fire Safety Plan” on the front of the box. See sample Fire Safety Plan Box.  For more information regarding the location of installation, contact Deputy Chief Brad Perrie.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (604) 465-2401 or email Deputy Chief Brad Perrie.