Fall 2019 Burning Season

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2019 Fall Burning Season 2019

The Coastal Fire Centre’s Open Burning Ban has now been lifted, effective September 19, 2019.  Permits are available from City Hall’s reception desk commencing at a cost of $50 for a five-day permit (note this is five consecutive days).  A five-day permit does not guarantee that you are able to burn for all five days.  It will depend on Metro Vancouver’s Daily Ventilation Index.  A permit will be deemed to be used if you have been able to burn for one of the days for which it is valid.

 What You Need to Know:

  • Burning is permitted only on agriculturally zoned properties
  • The property owner must provide written consent if he or she is not the individual purchasing the permit
  • Permit Holders are responsible for calling Metro Vancouver’s hotline at 604-436-6777 each morning to check the ventilation index and burning conditions for the day and abiding by them
  • Only vegetative matter originating from the site may be burned and there may be only one pile burning at any given time, at a size not to exceed 4 cubic meters
  • No adding of fuel is permitted between dusk and 8:30am the following morning
  • Cooking or camp-type fires that burn wood in any sort of outdoor appliance, device or fire pit are not permitted at any time. Only barbeques and appliances fuelled by natural gas, propane or commercial charcoal are permitted.
  • Contact the Pitt Meadows Fire Rescue Service for more information: 604-465-2401 or visit www.pittmeadowsfire.com
  • The complete Burning Regulation Bylaw is available here