Time to Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

in Safety

With Spring right around the corner, and with the start of daylight savings time, the Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind residents that this is a great time to change smoke alarm batteries throughout your home . Twice yearly. at the start and end of daylight savings time provides a great opportunity and a good reminder to perform this important task.  Make it habit!

Smoke detectors that don’t work can’t save lives

When daylights savings time begins or ends, do you regularly change your smoke detector batteries? This can be a lifesaving habit. When you reset your clocks last fall, if you didn’t change your smoke detector batteries as well, please make it a point to do so NOW. Without a working smoke detector to issue an early warning, fire can spread quickly through a household, blocking escape routes and filling rooms with deadly smoke.

There should be at least one smoke detector outside of each sleeping area and on every floor of your home. For increased protection, it is recommended that a smoke detector be installed in each sleeping room. All smoke detectors must be inspected and tested on a regular basis. Properly installed and working smoke detectors will provide an early warning and nearly double the chance of surviving a fire.

For further information please contact the Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Service at(604) 465-2401 or by email to fire@pittmeadows.bc.ca.